How to Hire a House Cleaning Service 


House cleaning is a process that could consume a lot of time and might be hard to fit into your schedule. Hiring a cleaning service could save you time and leave you with a well-cleaned house if your financial situation enables you this option. There are possibly a few cleaning services in your location. Selecting and hiring the correct one need you to be aware of your own necessities and do a few research on different specialties and reputations of the service. 

House Cleaning Service 

Decide what you want to be cleaned 

You only might select to have the service tackle specifically hard spots in your house, like your main bathroom and kitchen. Several families would want the home cleaned from bottom to top. You would also need to know whether you expect services that might go further standard cleanings, like washing the windows or wiping down the baseboards. 

  • A lot of services would not clean windows since they do not want to create damage or streaks. You might need to hire a professional for this one. 

Estimate the amount of time it would take to clean your house 

Almost every cleaning service would ask you how large your home is, what kind of regular cleaning you typically do, and how many bathrooms and bedrooms it contains. Usually, one bathroom and one bedroom take around 2 and a half hour to clean, and kitchens take another one up to two hours. These numbers might go up if you have not cleaned in a while. Formulating these details for the service would help you both know what you could afford.  

Know how frequent you want your service to clean 

You might only need the service to come twice or even once a month, depending on the needs of your family. You may choose for more often visits if you have a busier schedule and have a larger budget. Also, you could make an alternating weekly schedule that aims the cleaners to clean various rooms every time they come to your house.  

If you have a preference, purchase your own cleaning supplies 

Almost every cleaner would not clean with natural cleaning solutions since they are more expensive. You will probably need to provide these to the service if you do not want chemical solution used in your house, or if you have special solutions you prefer. 

  • If you provide your own cleaning solutions, you might be able to discuss a lower fee with the service. Ask possible cleaning companies if they would be eager to have this negotiation with you.  

Know your Budget 

Check your finances first before you begin calling potential cleaning companies. Ensure that you exactly know how much you are willing and able to pay these services. This would help you say no to services that are out of the range while also enabling you to make knowledgeable decisions about what services you could afford. Most cleaning services have their own website, such as, that offers a free estimate.