What Makes You a Good Candidate for Solar Energy?

Solar panels are becoming more popular because of the solar energy they can produce to power electrical appliances. Aside from the environmental benefits it can give us, solar energy can also cut your energy bills per month. However, not all homes are good for solar panels because there are a lot of things to consider for the installation.  

When you consult with company that specializes in solar system at East Providence Rhode Island, they would give you an assessment so you can prepare whatever you need to do. The following are the criteria the companies will look at your house so it can efficiently run your solar panel.  

 Solar Energy

Roof Size 

The first thing to determine whether you can install a solar panel in your house is the size of your roof. If you’re going to spend a lot of energy or if you have huge energy consumption, you would obviously need more roof space to accommodate all of it. Typically, 1 square root will need 10 Watts, so if you’re going to convert it will represent about 12%. It means that every kilowatt you use, your roof space will need 100 square feet of solar panel.  

Placement of Panels 

The solar panels have particular places or directions to be installed. It needs to be installed in southern, eastern or western facing roofs, sometimes a combination of two of these directions. Northern facing roofs are not suitable for solar panels because they don’t get sun. It also becomes a problem if the trees are obstructing the sun or if your roof needs a larger unit.  

Sun Exposure 

Sun exposure is also very important for installing solar panels in one’s home. Companies should consider how many hours of sunlight you get daily, because there are a lot of places who don’t get such. Places like Chicago, Seattle and Pittsburgh get at least 4 hours per day; on the other hand, California, Colorado and Arizona get seven hours. If you’re located in the area where it has short sun exposure, you need a bigger system so you can harness more energy.  

Energy Needs 

Another thing to consider if your energy needs per month, multiply by 12 months of a year. Most companies will calculate your energy needs by dividing your daily use by the power you get from the sun, and then multiply by 71%. This percentage is based on the inherent inefficiencies in the systems and increases accuracy in the quoting process. After the calculation, you would realize how much you’re going to save from installing solar panels.  

Cost vs Incentives 

Obviously, there would be costs involve even if you’re going to lease, finance or buy a solar panel system. When choosing for a solar system, make sure you will save a lot of money for it. Compare tax credits and rebates to how much the system is going to cost you. If the number is positive, then the solar panel system is a great investment for you.  


9 Benefits of Using Wooden Furniture

Even though industry and technology already contribute a lot of alternatives on furniture, still, wooden furniture often makes the most option for a lot of buyers. As a matter of fact, people will always love to use wooden furniture for their home and office interior and exterior design. This fact even attracts a lot of designers and businessmen to make more furniture out of wood. And they do not do it without any reason. There are actually a lot of reasons why a lot of people loves to use wooden furniture. In this article, you will learn the benefits of having wooden furniture in your residential or commercial property. 

Wooden Furniture 

Gorgeous Natural Look 

Wood has beautiful lines and patterns. It’s already naturally beautiful. It also explains why its finishing is created to show the overall beauty as well. Generally, wooden furniture is nice and all people love it.  

Strong and Resilient

Naturally, wood is already strong. The durability of wood will be more reliable even with frequent wear. This means that you do not need to have your wooden furniture replaced very soon.   

Much Easier to Keep 

The wooden furniture’s natural durability also makes a really pleasant advantage for owners to keep it. As a matter of fact, we can leave a durable outdoor wooden furniture set and there, and fungus and termite will never damage it at all.    

Much Easier to Clean 

All you have to do in order to clean your wooden furniture is to simply wipe it clean. On the other hand, if there is any stain, you might need a safe and mild cleaning solution, however, the process will still be very simple and easy.  

Resistant to Harsh Weathers 

In all seasons, wooden furniture will be just fine. In addition to that, if you have wood furniture outdoors, you don’t need to put it in storage anymore.   

Outstanding Decoration  

Being naturally excellent and nice, your wooden furniture will surely make nice décor and focal points where all eyes will be amazed when they look at it. This is due to the fact that wooden furniture has antique and authentic style.  

Valuable Investment 

While the prices of a really good wooden furniture are a bit high, chances are that it can be your smart and lasting investment. This is due to the fact that when you buy a natural wooden furniture, you also get to buy the comfort, quality, and beauty all at once.  

Environment Friendly 

Since wooden furniture are naturally made from wood, the material is not harmful to the environment, unlike plastic. In addition to that, you don’t have to worry too much about environmental side effects that it can give to the ecosystem since it has none.  


Wooden furniture can be modified anytime you want it. In fact, you can place it outdoors or indoors of a building or home as it will just fit any space and still look great at all times. If you want to purchase elegant wooden furniture, visit Myrtle Beach Furniture Store 


How to Hire a House Cleaning Service 


House cleaning is a process that could consume a lot of time and might be hard to fit into your schedule. Hiring a cleaning service could save you time and leave you with a well-cleaned house if your financial situation enables you this option. There are possibly a few cleaning services in your location. Selecting and hiring the correct one need you to be aware of your own necessities and do a few research on different specialties and reputations of the service. 

House Cleaning Service 

Decide what you want to be cleaned 

You only might select to have the service tackle specifically hard spots in your house, like your main bathroom and kitchen. Several families would want the home cleaned from bottom to top. You would also need to know whether you expect services that might go further standard cleanings, like washing the windows or wiping down the baseboards. 

  • A lot of services would not clean windows since they do not want to create damage or streaks. You might need to hire a professional for this one. 

Estimate the amount of time it would take to clean your house 

Almost every cleaning service would ask you how large your home is, what kind of regular cleaning you typically do, and how many bathrooms and bedrooms it contains. Usually, one bathroom and one bedroom take around 2 and a half hour to clean, and kitchens take another one up to two hours. These numbers might go up if you have not cleaned in a while. Formulating these details for the service would help you both know what you could afford.  

Know how frequent you want your service to clean 

You might only need the service to come twice or even once a month, depending on the needs of your family. You may choose for more often visits if you have a busier schedule and have a larger budget. Also, you could make an alternating weekly schedule that aims the cleaners to clean various rooms every time they come to your house.  

If you have a preference, purchase your own cleaning supplies 

Almost every cleaner would not clean with natural cleaning solutions since they are more expensive. You will probably need to provide these to the service if you do not want chemical solution used in your house, or if you have special solutions you prefer. 

  • If you provide your own cleaning solutions, you might be able to discuss a lower fee with the service. Ask possible cleaning companies if they would be eager to have this negotiation with you.  

Know your Budget 

Check your finances first before you begin calling potential cleaning companies. Ensure that you exactly know how much you are willing and able to pay these services. This would help you say no to services that are out of the range while also enabling you to make knowledgeable decisions about what services you could afford. Most cleaning services have their own website, such as, that offers a free estimate.